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I help busy moms who are buying their first home save time & money and with less stress!  I'm a mom too, and I understand the challenges you face & all you juggle -   I have relationships in place that will save you money all throughout the home buying process & my expert communication and negotiation skills help my busy moms buy in a shorter period of time. 

Hi, I’m                          and I help Busy moms save time & money when they buy their home! 

Annette Judd

Air Traffic to Real estate?

Maybe you think it's a BIG change to go from controlling airplanes to helping people buy and sell real estate. But was it? In a lot of ways, there are so many similarities - there are a lot of moving parts in both jobs! I guess the bottom line is I apply so many of the skills I learned in working as an Air Traffic Controller and my clients get the benefits! Managing stress and many moving parts at once are my strengths!!

I loved my job as a controller - but I really wanted more. More connection with people. Feeling and seeing that I was making a difference. I've always loved serving others, and for me real estate was just a new way I could do that. While my clients are my favorite part of real estate, I enjoy the seemingly endless amount of people I get to meet and build relationships with - other agents, lenders, title, and other business owners. In real estate I'm never bored! Each client and home are unique and so is their experience - and mine too! 


the Go-Giver

When I started in Real Estate, I didn't have a network or family connections so I began networking, meeting other business owners and seeing if I could refer them business. I was always on the lookout for people who needed good service professionals! Over time I built a great network which was great for my real estate clients - I always had someone who could help them and take care of their needs 
But while I was taking care of my clients I also built a great name in the community as someone who was referring business! Much of my business now comes from those that I have referred business to over the years. I just live the "what goes around comes around" philosophy - and I LOVE it!

about annette

smart & savvy city girl with a heart of gold

Annette is originally from St Louis, Missouri and served as an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force for five years in California. She is happily married to Ryan Judd, and together they have seven children (teens to young adults). Annette loves taking care of her home, her children, and being with Loki, their labradoodle. 

Service has always been a huge part of her values, and in the Air Force, she served on the Honor Guard, providing military honors to fallen veterans at their funerals as well as various color guard assignments. She loved working as an Air Traffic controller but there was truly something special about serving on the Honor Guard

 Recently elected for a four year term, she is serving on the West Point City Council. Annette has been serving home buyers and sellers in Northern Utah since 2014 and loves giving her clients personal service throughout their individual real estate transaction. 

One thing she prides herself in is compassionate communication, and she knows it has made a difference in positive outcomes for many of her clients. Annette has a vision of being able to serve many families in the area through successful real estate transactions, community service, and building and maintaining relationships with other business owners.

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